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Happy Warriors

Posted by koolpaw on November 25, 2009

The long time journslist of  the Combat sports, Eddie Goldman talked with Roxanne Modafferi on his podcast, which has the most longest history among Internet radio ” nhbnews“. They both are talking to each others about not only her last fight against Marloes Coenen, but also a lot of topics like the differences of coultures, Having a job and fighting as a pro-fighter at the same time, HOW TO COOK TURKEY(wtf? lol) in very relaxed mood.

Seems he liked the nick name a fan of Roxy had posted on her myspace blog b4 ” Happy Warrior”.

Thats it, This is  why we watch female divisions MMA. Those fighters fight for Big money or getting spotlight on TV, Movies?

No,  we watch female division coz the fighters are happy to fight in this sport, They shows skills which they have learned, Most of them like to challenge themselves and to fight tougher opponents, Enjoying everything around the competition like training, making wight, trevaling. They know each others and respect each others coz they know how this sport is tough.

That is  the ” Pure Athletism” ppl always wants to watchin any kind of sports, Don`t you think?

Other 2 Happy Warriors are on another popular Internet radio show this week. Kerry Vera who has destroyed some Madam at the last ShoMMA to step up to next level,  Sally Krumdiack who will fight Saori Ishioka at Japanese org ” Jewels”  on  Dec. 2009 were on`s Rear Naked Choke Radio.

nhbnews is always informative and educational for various  kinds of the Combat  sport and it`s relative topics including MMA, Boxing, Wrestling with Eddie Goldman`s deep and inteligent view. RNC Radio is a fun show with 2 hosts Joe and Ted who have respects to the fighters and the sport. RNC also has ” Tara LaRosa” as  co-host .


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The fight is Over

Posted by koolpaw on November 9, 2009

Oh well. Win or loose , thats the fight. Shyo ga nai

Ariel Helwani of MMA.Fanhouse has interviewed to both after the fight.

Congrats to Marloes,
She finally finished her assignment she had missed 2 years ago. And got the big chance to shine on the big stage.

Marloes Coenen Reflects on Modafferi Victory, Says ‘Cyborg’ Is Next


Roxanne Modafferi Following Marloes Coenen Loss: ‘I’m Disappointed in Myself’

roxy192No Excuse, but No need to be ashamed or disappointed We all know Coenen is the REAL top fighter of the world . And still Roxy is  a top figher  too.

But please give us time to fish some  Ayu to gain your weight next time, Roxy !



Oh wait, its already Novenber, Too damn cold to fish Ayu in the river !!!


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The loard and master said…

Posted by koolpaw on November 6, 2009



iLL WIll Press   The Place Where Foamy The Squirrel Runs Free!!!

Neurotically YOurs

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Marloes Coenen in U.S.A.

Posted by koolpaw on November 5, 2009

Marloes Coenen has been famous in Japan  for almost 10 years, although she is still 28 years old ! A cute teenager has become a scary but beautiful lady. Now she is going to fight at Strikeforce`s big event.

Took this  from UG

“Yeah, I’m really happy because in that fight I made her tap and she congratulated me in the cage but then all of sudden we had to continue fighting because the referee said it was just after the bell went. So it was a little bit controversial decision. So I’m happy I can settle the score now.”



Roxy wrote today:

I went to the open workout…I was not happy thinking that Marloes would get to see me work out…but she never came.  Why not?  I want her to get publicity, too!  Nobody knows about her! : (

63Damn, she must not want to show her work out as well, Marloes is already in “fighting” mode !

Concentrate, FOCUS !! You are the person who knows how Marloes Coenen is tough and skilfull, ROXY !

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More about Roxy vs. Coenen

Posted by koolpaw on November 4, 2009

Roxy took 1 week off(or more like 10 days-off?) from her job. Already She is int Chicago to get medical check of AC.  Coenen has landed to Chicago too. We could know it coz Roxy wrote that she met her and asked her autograph LMAO.

That is the way of Roxanne Modafferi. She took days off from job, she works in a high classed Language school as a English teacher in Japan. It means She mostly looses her money for each fights. Do you think she cares about it?

NO. She doesnt at all.


Roxanne Modafferi has interviewed Marloes Coenen as a writer in 2008. She has been writing for several webs and blogs for a while. You can see how Roxy respects Marloes from this.

Marloes Coenen is the one of real innovator of female division. has been fighting since the female division still didnt exist. Sha was introduced as a cute but skillful SHOOTO girl b4 her debut in Japan . i still remember the magazine which has reported  she had fought at ama SHOOTO even though she already had enough skill to fight at pro bouts. Also remember a TV program at the midnight had aired her training session in her Dojyo.

Marloes was still a teenager at that time and called ” Kuu nen chan” in Japanese. Her moves were so quick and skillful. i was really impressed at that time. Maybe there are still some of those Japanese other than me are left who got shocked to have seen Coenen.

This coverage of K-Grace by a Japanese blogger in 2007 has concluded that K-Grace was  worth to watch at the venue only for the final “Roxanne Modafferi vs. Marlose Coenen”


You know what? This fight is not a “Tough girl” contest. It`s a skillful and athletic competition between real 2 top level fighters in the world.






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Posted by koolpaw on November 1, 2009

Why Coenen/Modafferi at Strikeforce on CBS matters to the women’s divisions

by  Keith Mills



If You are serious to build female division, Just listen to Keith Mills`s words. Thanx.

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Analysis for Roxy vs. Coenen II

Posted by koolpaw on November 1, 2009

“lup” a.k.a.mad scientist of kangaroo land has corrected and checked my EngRish as usual. so if this post is unreadble for you, its not my fault, ok? I NO English 100% ok?

updated and fixed EngRish with a help from a professional language teacher.

Analysis for Roxy vs. Coenen II

Roxanne Modafferi (blue glove tape) vs. Marloes Coenen
Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM

You can read a brief background of this Roxanne Modafferi vs. Marloes Coenen II at here and here . I don’t predict this rematch but here are several points of “What to watch” in this fight.

First of all, advantages and disadvantages.


Roxy is originally a 135er.Fighting at 145 is oversize for her. At the same time, she is good at fighting bigger opponents. She proved it at vs. Coenen I in 2007. Although its still a  risky fight for a person who walks around 130 lbs. On the other hand Marloes Coenen must be walking around at 150-155 lbs. Fighting at 145 looks natural for current MMA. But remember that she has been fighting mostly in Japan which prefers open weight. Roxy doesn’t need to worry about making weight for 145, Coenen has to take that stressful process of dehydrade-rehydrade to fight under MMA unified rules in the north America. Still Coenen will have  the advantage of weight during the fight.

b)The influence of the mental condition of the location

Roxy is an American, she has fought in her country a lot of times. Chicago is not her home town but the USA is her home country. Its is the first time to fight in the States for legendary female MMA star in Japan “Marloes Coenen”. (Actualy she fought in the Abu Dhabi * side note from Roxy) She made weight for replacement on last Aug 15. but didn`t need to fight at that time. Most of things must be the first time for Coenen. Roxy has big advantage in this meeting with her old coach kirik who will corner her as usual, and maybe her friend/rival Tara LaRosa.

c)Short notice of the fight and Changing of the opponent

Roxy got very short notice for this fight like only 1 week b4 the fight day, even if  she is training for potential fight everyday. Coenen was scheduled to fight Cyborg at first, then Toughill. Both got pulled as her opponents and now the replacement is lighter weight but totally different type fighter than original strikers. Coenen also must have difficultiesmaking a new game plan even though she has been willing to avenge her loss against Roxy in 2007.


Their first fight was an open weight / one night tournament “K-Grace”. Everybody thought Marloes Coenen would dominate the tourney. Coenen and her camp might have also thought so. Roxy and her striking coach at that time Kenji Osawa were obviously targeting Coenen only. Winning over Coenen=Winning the tourney. And their game plan and Roxy`s unbelievable guts made big success.


The fight

a)on the feet=striking

Coenen is taller and bigger than Roxy, has a lot of advantages of reach on the feet. On Boxing/Kickboxing demention of MMA, Roxy has to avoid the range that Coenen can throw power strikes. Roxy needs to take Coenen to grappling game  first. But still Coenen has a mealy weapon, vicious knee striking from MuayThai clinch. Roxy and her corner men Kenji Osawa and K-taro Nakamura made good game plan for that at K-Grace. Underhooking Coenen`s arms,pushing Coenen`s chest with fore head. It`s an old and familiar move for Japanese, especially in Sumo wrestling. I believe you can see same move in any kind of wrestling like Greco Roman, Free Style, American Folk Style, Mongolian wrestling or Korean Wrestling. And IT WORKS. Roxy also used the cage to kill the power of Coenen.

“waki o sashi te atama o tsukeru”


We have to watch carefully about the “range” on the feet. Roxy has been training striking. Not only thinking about rematch against Coenen , but also concerned  about Tara LaRosa,Shayna Baszler or the most complete all-rounde  female fighter “Amanda Buckner“, there are new comers like Sarah Kaufman who have heavy hands and crazy cardio to keep throwing punch from quick steps and Katlin Young who has a deadly kick which can finish the fight in a moment at the 135 class. The striking game will be different from Roxy vs. Coenen I in 2007. But still keys on the feet will be

“range” and “clinch”.

b)on the ground=Grappling with Ground and Pound

Overall, the most notable thing about MMA female division is,  its` ground fight. It is said that females are flexible and joints are kinda loose. Looseness of joints does not mean “tough joints”, but its true this factor makes the fights interesting and exciting. We often see unbelievable submission attempts and escaping at female division. You gotta remember  that Roxy and Coenen are both skilful grapplers. It means that we can not blink once they go to the ground.

Most of the top female MMA fighters are good at guard games. Closed guard is not defensive in the female division, especially at top level fighters` bouts. A Typical fighter of this must be  “Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler. Her guard position is the most dangerous trap among all of MMA fighters` aside from Miuguel Torres`s one. Even Roxy got trapped at bodogFIGHT. Keeping the top position doesn’t always mean she is controlling the fight. Most  top female fighters can control opponents and attack from bottom position using their flexibility. Roxy and Coenen are not an exception, or should i say “They are typical dangerous grapplers when they are at the bottom position” ?

Roxy is basically a jujitsu-based fighter, good at positioning.Ground and Pound which she has been training a lot for a while will work with it. Coenen`s fight style on the ground is a bit aggressive, trying to hit sub from any position. It often reminds us of old “Catch wrestling” or SAMBO. I have watched Coenen focusing on GnP in a video on youtube at her fight in 2008.

“Guard position” and “GnP” will be the keys on the ground.

Anyways, This rematch will be a good showcase of female division. I HOPE CBS and Strikeforce will air this fight on Nov. 7th (8th for us  Japanese).

LUP U ZACK !!!  Miss Modafferi who is a professional English teacher fixed my EngRish ! How long have you been chatting over the net with me? ALMOST 10 YEARS now. And you still don`t learn Japanese ! NOT FAIR !!!

But as you have mentioned Roxy also found my tendency of missing plural(?) and articles. I know it`s a general problem of Japanese English learners.

Thanx for fixing my EngRish, Roxy and “LAZY” lup !

lupmy friend “lup”

s s s s , the the the, a a a <— Practicing myself

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Roxy vs Coenen II

Posted by koolpaw on October 30, 2009

Roxanne Modafferi vs. Marloes Coenen II at Strikeforce has been confirmed ! The world will be shocked AGAIN


Roxy vs. Coenen at K-Grace in 2007

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Strikeforce on-demand

Posted by koolpaw on August 14, 2009

$24.95 for whole evnts. it says starts from 7:30pm ET Aug 8/15…

? they will feed non- televised cards too?

i dunno. i only want to watch Babalu ve. Musousi and Hieron vs.  Tayler anyways. King kong vs. Godzilla is f kinky guys.


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Posted by koolpaw on August 14, 2009

Hope someone has watched this FOAMY`s episode b4, at least b4 the weigh-in.

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3 MMA events on this weekend

Posted by koolpaw on June 19, 2009

ShoMMA Strikeforce Challenger Series 2
ShoWare Center,Kent, Wash. 6/19 11:00PM ET(12:00 6/20 JST)

Bellator Fighting Championships 10
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino,
Hollywood, Fla. 6/19 Air on ESPN on 6/20

Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale
Palms Casino Resort,Las Vegas
6/20 9:00PM ET/PT(6/21 10:00AM JST)

ShoMMA Strikeforce Challenger Series 2

ShoWare Center,Kent, Wash.
6/19 11:00PM ET(12:00 6/20 JST)

Joey Villasenor vs. Evangelista Santos
Nick Thompson vs. Tim Kennedy
Jorge Gurgel vs. Conor Heun
Sarah Kaufman vs. Shayna Baszler
Cory Devela vs. Luke Rockhold
Dennis Hallman vs. Cedric Marks
Duane Ludwig vs. Lyle Beerbohm
Brian Caraway vs. Alex Zuniga
Landon Showalter vs. Travis Doerge
Len Bentley vs. Marques Daniels
Steve Hadsel vs. Taylor Roberts

Bellator Fighting Championships 10

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino,
Hollywood, Fla. 6/19 Air  ESPN on 6/20

BFC Lightweight Championship
Eddie Alvarez (No. 3 LW) vs. Toby Imada
BFC Middleweight Championship
Hector Lombard vs. Jared Hess

Jorge Masvidal vs. Eric Reynolds
Brad Pickett vs. Sami Aziz
Sergio Moraes vs. Josh Martin
Jessica Aguilar vs. Rosi Sexton
Moyses Gabin vs. Virgil Lozano
Troy Gerhart vs. Luis Palomino

Ultimate Fighter 9 Finale

Palms Casino Resort,Las Vegas
6/20 9:00PM ET/PT(6/21 10:00AM JST)
“The Ultimate Fighter 9” Lightweight Final
Andre Winner vs. Ross Pearson

Diego Sanchez
vs. Clay Guida
Nate Diaz vs. Joe Stevenson
Chris Lytle vs. Kevin Burns
Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Tomasz Drwal
Brad Blackburn vs. Edgar Garcia
Gleison Tibau vs. Melvin Guillard

took from sherdog

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StrikeForce and WEC

Posted by koolpaw on June 3, 2009

Strikeforce Lawler vs. Shields
6/6/2009 9:00 PM CT = 6/7 11:00 AM JST

Scottrade Center,St. Louis

WEC41  Brown vs Faber II
6/7/2009 9:00 PM ET = 6/8 10:00 AM JST

ARCO Arena, CA

Strikeforce Lawler vs. Shields
6/6/2009 9:00 PM CT = 6/7 11:00 AM JST
Scottrade Center,St. Louis

Robbie Lawler vs. Jake Shields
Nick Diaz vs. Scott Smith
Andrei Arlovski vs. Brett Rogers
Kevin Randleman vs. Mike Whitehead
Phil Baroni vs. Joe Riggs
Rafael Cavalcante vs. Mike Kyle
Jesse Finney vs. Josh Baumgartner
Tyron Woodley vs. Sal Woods
Scott Ventimiglia vs. Lucas Lopes
Pat Benson vs. Dave Lehr Cochran
Booker DeRousse vs. James Wade

WEC41  Brown vs Faber II
6/7/2009 9:00 PM ET = 6/8 10:00 AM JST
ARCO Arena, CA

WEC Featherweight Championship
Champion Mike Thomas Brown vs. Urijah Faber

Jose Aldo vs. Cub Swanson
Donald Cerrone vs. James Krause
Jens Pulver vs. Josh Grispi
Manny Gamburyan vs. John Franchi
Rafael Rebello vs. Kyle Dietz
Mike Campbell vs. Anthony Pettis
Scott Jorgensen vs. Antonio Banuelos
Noah Thomas vs. Frank Gomez
Rolando Perez vs. Seth Dikun

Took from

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How much to get my name on your shorts?

Posted by koolpaw on May 19, 2009

kaitlinrosie –  How much to get my name on your shorts?

Sarah Kaufman –  Thanks guys! The underground rocks! Sorry Kaitlin…your name wasn’t spelled correctly! :)

The video I watched was poor quality…I didn’t realize you weren’t kidding until now! Well played! HAHAHAHA





1037 !!!!



Pics from : combatlifestyle

One More from

Sarah Kaufman vs. Miesha Tate
Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM

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She smiled and waved to the cam

Posted by koolpaw on May 17, 2009

Sarah Kaufman  or  Miesha Tate, Who will get the ticket to the top league of female 135 class?

Tate01Miesha walks in to the cage

Sarah02Sarah comes… with big smile

Sarah03Waving to the cam in the cage?? ITS NOT PICNIK !!

Tate04See ! You  got in trouble !!

Sarah05wait… whose blood is that???

Sarah05-5She becomes a punching robot as usual

Tate06O M F G that blood was Meisha`s

Tate08but Meisha doesn`t quit !

Sarah09She smiles again

wavesand… WAVES

So, Non-Stop Punching Robot girl ” Sarah Kaufman” got it, BUT its a ONE-WAY ticket. She can NOt go back anymore.  Shayna is waiting, Not only the Queen of Spade,  She can not pass  Roxy and Amanda to the Top of the moutain where Tara LaRosa is sitting on.

Kaitlin Young the another striker of her Generation will try to stop her. Kailtlin Young who has KOed Tate less than a minute in 2007. Of course Meisha Tate will come back to Stop this unstoppable brizzard.

Strikeforce signed with Tonya Evinger? uh oh

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Wrong, it was just so wrong

Posted by koolpaw on April 22, 2009

Tell the truth, im already sick and tired of those weight issues around those TV stars. This will be the last posting about it.  It seems big MMA site like MMAweekly, MMA mag from UK ” Fighters only” started to focus on that trouble seriously.

And now Tara LaRosa the Queen of Female MMA says ” NO NO NO” with her deep voice. As i know most of current top female fighters already have criticized Cyborg and her  camp for their excuse “Girl Problem” using


those strong words on forums, SNS, Youtube.  Not only fighters and fans, Dr. Margaret Goodman, a neurologist and former chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Nevada State Athletic Commission also said

“its just embarassing”

to have heard the excuse “Girl Problem”.

You really care about future matchup between 2 cheaters? I Dont. If  i want to watch Godzilla vs. KingKong,  i just go to rental DVD shop. Go ahead StrikeXC. Pay them a lot and get higher rating on Showtime or CBS.  I  just dont think its serious combat sport, thats all.

The question is: why no one didnt stop the fight ? Promoter is such a money slave or got blackmailed by Sh0wtime? What Athletic commission was doing? Dont they exist to protect rules and athletes? What the manager was doing? His job is getting a fight for his fighter, let her win and protect her ,  THOSE ARENT HIS JOB?


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The Secret

Posted by koolpaw on April 13, 2009



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He is not OK

Posted by koolpaw on March 21, 2009

Don`t die… yet Alexi kun !!

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Strikeforce “Melendez vs. Thomson” this weekend

Posted by koolpaw on June 27, 2008

And finaly the dream fight is coming.

Location: San Jose, Calif.
Venue: HP Pavilion
Broadcast: HDNet 10:30 PM ET=  7/28 not oops 6/28 11:30 AM JST

Gilbert Melendez  (155) vs. Josh Thomson  (155)
Bobby Southworth  (204.5) vs. Anthony Ruiz  (203)
Elaina Maxwell  (146) vs. Miesha Tate (145)
Jeremiah Metcalf  (185) vs. Raymond Daniels (184)
Chris Cariaso  (135.5) vs. Anthony Figueroa  (134.5)
Billy Evangelista  (155) vs. Nam Phan  (154)
Brian Caraway  (140) vs. Alvan Cacdus (141.5)*
Cyrillo Padhillo (169) vs. Jesse Jones (169)
Travis Johnson (205) vs. Jorge Interiano (201)
Alexandre Trivino (156) vs. Eric Jacob  (156)
Jose Palacios  (155) vs. Bobby Stack (155)
Jesse Gillespie  (186) vs. Eric Lawson (185)

Riggs vs Stewart was pulled out from the fight card,,,  it sucks but he is still on the way of recovering from the surgery . Maybe some of medicen he was taking have become the isuue ? Riggs needs time anyways. he s still 25 years young, i dont want let him go out from this fight game. Take a rest and train again well Riggs ! its also sad we cant watch Luke Stewart… but shoga-nai. :(

Maxwell vs. Tate is at 145lbs feather weight of Unified rules… mmmm is it fair? Tate is tall like 5`8″” or so i remember, but she usually fights at 135 doesnt she?

BTW, Strikeforce on NBC was ended?


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