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Wrong, it was just so wrong

Posted by koolpaw on April 22, 2009

Tell the truth, im already sick and tired of those weight issues around those TV stars. This will be the last posting about it.  It seems big MMA site like MMAweekly, MMA mag from UK ” Fighters only” started to focus on that trouble seriously.

And now Tara LaRosa the Queen of Female MMA says ” NO NO NO” with her deep voice. As i know most of current top female fighters already have criticized Cyborg and her  camp for their excuse “Girl Problem” using


those strong words on forums, SNS, Youtube.  Not only fighters and fans, Dr. Margaret Goodman, a neurologist and former chairman of the Medical Advisory Board of the Nevada State Athletic Commission also said

“its just embarassing”

to have heard the excuse “Girl Problem”.

You really care about future matchup between 2 cheaters? I Dont. If  i want to watch Godzilla vs. KingKong,  i just go to rental DVD shop. Go ahead StrikeXC. Pay them a lot and get higher rating on Showtime or CBS.  I  just dont think its serious combat sport, thats all.

The question is: why no one didnt stop the fight ? Promoter is such a money slave or got blackmailed by Sh0wtime? What Athletic commission was doing? Dont they exist to protect rules and athletes? What the manager was doing? His job is getting a fight for his fighter, let her win and protect her ,  THOSE ARENT HIS JOB?


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EliteXC on CBS II

Posted by koolpaw on July 25, 2008

EliteXC on CBS II:Unfinished buisiness
 this weekend

9:00PM ET
EliteXC Middleweight Title match
Robbie Lawler  vs. Scott Smith
Welter weight Title match
Jake Shields  vs. Nick Thompson
Nick Diaz  vs. Thomas Denny 
Shayna Baszler vs. Cristiane Santos
David Douglas and Marlon Mathias (swing bout)

EliteXC: 7/26/08 (8:00 ET)
vacant EliteXC heavyweight title
Antonio Silva vs. Justin Eilers
Wilson Reis vs. Brian Caraway
Rafael Feijao vs. Travis Galbraith

Jeremy Freitag vs. Anthony Ruiz
Mike Cook vs. Carl Seumanutafa
Drew Montgomery vs. Brandon Tarn

Udercard will be streamed on AmaElite? dunno

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