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u can remove redeyes with only 1 clicking

Posted by koolpaw on June 4, 2008

Dear Dr. Sherry Wulkan,

Just In case of you may not know how to remove “redeyes” on pix with ur PC,

Now a days most of Software which costed $100-1,000 several yars ago, are FREE on the WEB. Viva la Technology!

Removing “Red Eyes” must be the most famous and basic one. Just go to Adobe`s FREE Web service called “Photoshop Express”, Upload the pic u want to edit then Chose it from ” MyPhoto” with clicking on it.

For the Next, please look at the sidebar at the left and Click “Removal Red Eyes”. Ur mouse pointer will turn to [+].  And point the Red eye on the pic with that [+], CLICK !

Voilà Madame !! :D

We all know we can`t fix BlackEyes Though. That must be the job of Doctors like you. We appreciate all of your works honestly.

She didnt Thank for the Stoppage. just understood.

edit and add:
lol idont know why that crazy blog fightlinker sometimes becomes gentlemen and super straight.
i also hesitated to post that pic directly, even kaitlin made fun of herself and posted it.

oh LR of MMA-Analyst has posted that pic on the entry but followed up with very clear analysis, and nothing negative in it.

uh oh, even Shedog questioned about that fatty and EliteXC`s Strategy. I would say its obvious strategy to “win” for them. They say “she missed the weight”, ” She couldnt make the weight” but its not true. That Fatty made weight to win. They dont care about 12% of purse. EliteXC can make up that 12% using any kind of reasons in ” locker room”. Making weight to take weight advantage, that the strategy.

ITS OBVIOUS CHEATING , at least common ppl who dont know about MMA but have minimum knowlege about combat sport like Boxing notice it.

Look at boxing`s weight Classes

147 lb (66.7 kg) Welterweight
140 lb (63.5 kg) Super lightweight
135 lb (61.2 kg) Lightweight

U r not only Fat bastrads, MOTHER FUCKING CHEATERS damnit

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