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Jose Villarisco

Posted by koolpaw on February 24, 2009

Add:Found some articles about Jose Villarisco.
Jose Villarisco AKA “The Pistol”`s name is shown as Kru Jose Villarisco or Kru Jose Villirisco on the web.
Seems he is the striking coach of the Brandon Vera, No wonder he has such sharp and hard striking. He teaches Muay Thai (American Style) in schools and Seminars for self defense and fitness – exercise both. On this video, one of his students who is 62-year-old lady showed up at the opening. i remember a lot of female voices were cheering Sensei Jose Villarisco at UWC.

He also won some jiu-jitsu tournament(NAGA?) in 2003,  New as a pro-MMA fighter but must have been  famous among combat sports scene(especially among practitioners) in USA.


For some reasons, former WEC bantam weight champ Chase Beebe was pulled out from the card of UWC last week. But we found another new talent at that event which was streamed on Sherdog. Jose Villarisco made his pro-MMA debut at 125 lbs class facing a long timer of  MMA  “John Dodson”.

Jose Villirisco vs. John Dodson
Villirisco? Villarisco? which is accurate? Anyways I didn’t know him at all.

Seemed to be confident for his debut bout.

Kinda rough but tough striking.

Very smooth and quick steps to chase the opponent.

But got slammed so easily.

what? what kind of this guy? and

Suddenly Sharp Omoplatta from the guard at the final round


This guy is not just a striker, does jiu jitsu too? And he kept chasing John Dodson to win the fight on the feet.
who the hell is this Jose? The most impressive thing about his debut was…
His entrance song was


but i m really hoping to watch his fight again.


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