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Flying V

Posted by koolpaw on June 30, 2008

her entrance reminds me “Raxel” of this game “Fighting Vipers”

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light”Heavy”weight title

Posted by koolpaw on June 28, 2008


its not me who found that critical mistake on strikeforce site! Im not such meanie !!!

ITS “GARTH” on fightlinker !!!!

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Strikeforce “Melendez vs. Thomson” this weekend

Posted by koolpaw on June 27, 2008

And finaly the dream fight is coming.

Location: San Jose, Calif.
Venue: HP Pavilion
Broadcast: HDNet 10:30 PM ET=  7/28 not oops 6/28 11:30 AM JST

Gilbert Melendez  (155) vs. Josh Thomson  (155)
Bobby Southworth  (204.5) vs. Anthony Ruiz  (203)
Elaina Maxwell  (146) vs. Miesha Tate (145)
Jeremiah Metcalf  (185) vs. Raymond Daniels (184)
Chris Cariaso  (135.5) vs. Anthony Figueroa  (134.5)
Billy Evangelista  (155) vs. Nam Phan  (154)
Brian Caraway  (140) vs. Alvan Cacdus (141.5)*
Cyrillo Padhillo (169) vs. Jesse Jones (169)
Travis Johnson (205) vs. Jorge Interiano (201)
Alexandre Trivino (156) vs. Eric Jacob  (156)
Jose Palacios  (155) vs. Bobby Stack (155)
Jesse Gillespie  (186) vs. Eric Lawson (185)

Riggs vs Stewart was pulled out from the fight card,,,  it sucks but he is still on the way of recovering from the surgery . Maybe some of medicen he was taking have become the isuue ? Riggs needs time anyways. he s still 25 years young, i dont want let him go out from this fight game. Take a rest and train again well Riggs ! its also sad we cant watch Luke Stewart… but shoga-nai. :(

Maxwell vs. Tate is at 145lbs feather weight of Unified rules… mmmm is it fair? Tate is tall like 5`8″” or so i remember, but she usually fights at 135 doesnt she?

BTW, Strikeforce on NBC was ended?


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Dr.Sexton on the another news

Posted by koolpaw on June 26, 2008

uh oh? she is now biiiig star :D

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Antonio Carvalho is going to fight on this Sunday

Posted by koolpaw on June 21, 2008

Antonio Carvalho , the Canadian Fighter `s Video interview on Sherdog. He is going to fight on this Sunday’s Cage Force 7 against Yuji Hoshino.

In this Interview, he is itroducing his tiny room( but typical room in Japan) with Tatami mat, small bed , small TV set, Small Laptop PC. Kinda funny it looks like a room of a college student lol.

And the gift from his friend another fighter Joachim Hansen

Wow Hansen is talented, he is not only a mixed martial artist, also a good cartoon artist! :o

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So he came to weigh-in with his beard

Posted by koolpaw on June 21, 2008

According to Sam Caplan ,

Tanner came out in sun glasses, a bandanna, and a crazy beard. He looked like Kimbo Slice.

lol so we will see the beard live this time?

“A beard in Vegas? What happened? You lose a bet?”

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virtual bets June Part2

Posted by koolpaw on June 21, 2008


You placed 31388 chips on 43 bets.
You won 26 bets and earned 32149 chips.
current tips 8861
-2911 since last time

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TUF7 Finale This WeekEnd

Posted by koolpaw on June 20, 2008


The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale

Location: Las Vegas, Nev.
Venue: The Palms Las Vegas
Broadcast: Spike TV(8:30PM ET = Jun 22, 9:30AM JST)


Evan Tanner Vs. Kendall Grove
Amir Sadollah Vs. CB Dollaway
Diego Sanchez Vs. Luigi Fioravanti
Spencer Fisher Vs. Jeremy Stephens
Matt Riddle Vs. Dante Rivera

Josh Burkman Vs. Dustin Hazelett
Marvin Eastman Vs. Andrew McFedries
Matt Brown Vs. Matt Arroyo
Jeremy Horn Vs. Dean Lister
Timothy Credeur Vs. Cale Yarbrough
Rob Yundt Vs. Rob Kimmons

I will get pissed if Jeremy Horn vs. Dean Lister wont get aired

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Posted by koolpaw on June 20, 2008

“SACRIFICE” is what the long time fighter / coach, Scott Henze (21 – 10 – 2 – 1 NC)  said

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Posted by koolpaw on June 20, 2008

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World Muay Thai is still in Chaos…

Posted by koolpaw on June 19, 2008

Advertiser Spotlight: Muay Thai Champions of Champions

The event is sanctioned by three major Muay Thai organizations; WBC-Muay Thai, IKKC and the IKF. The full fight card features nine title fights from across the three organizations

Major Organization? For sure, WBC is one of the real MAJOR org of BOXING but “WBC-MuayThai” is recentle revealed that its not sanctioned by P.A.T. = PROFESSIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND, the org which approves the fights in Rajadumnern and Lumpinee or WMC which are sanctioned or under Thailand goverment. its just a personal org of someone inside WBC who want to do some business with the name “MuayThai”.

This fact that “WBC-MuayThai” is kinda bogus became news around the trouble between another bogus org which call itself “Official Muay Thai comission in Japan”=JPMC. Seems its not known in UsA yet…

As like SUMO of Japan. MuayThai is not only a sport of Thailand. it cant be separated with the culture and history of them. MuayThai must be the most popular in Japan outside Thailand, but even here, a lot of businessmen have been trying to use the name only to make easy money for long time.

i hope ppl in Thailand wont get mad to see these abusing of their great sport…

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The Handler is aiming another Belt !

Posted by koolpaw on June 19, 2008

From MMA Canada:
“The Handler” faces “The Thrill” for the Raw Combat Welterweight Title
Monday June 16, 2008

Friday, June 20 at the Max Bell Centre in Calgary, Alberta, Khatib and Hornbuckle both have their sights set on winning the Raw Combat welterweight championship belt

Dan “The Handler” Hornbuckle will go back to Canada for the title shot. “Raw Combat” ? is this thee new Canadian org after HCF ? Anyways WAR The Handler !!

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Molly Helsel Interview

Posted by koolpaw on June 19, 2008

Kill Bill !!

Female Mixed Martial Artist Molly Helse`s interview on


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EliteXC on CBS II may be much better

Posted by koolpaw on June 18, 2008

Summer 2008 carries a packed MMA calendar — SI

if these names will be on the fight card for real, it will be much better than the first show on CBS for sure.

Rematch of
Robbie Lawler vs. Scott Smith
Title bout of welter weight
Jake Shields vs. Jay Hieron or Nick Thompson or Paul Daley
Heavy weight
Antonio Silva vs. Roy Nelson or Robert “Buzz” Berry

Wilson Reis vs. Bao Quach or Mark Oshiro.

AND female Super bout for the right to the title shot of 145 lbs belt
Shayna Baszler vs. Kelly Kobald II

but hold on a sec, its not fixed yet, and Josh Gross has reported that stoned head 2 Caranos weight over bastard`s trouble to come to Japan b4, he may have gotten another miss-informed around that AmaElite.

add: at least Shayna Baszler vs. Kelly Kobald II is working on and seems getting close to sign. Great even its on crappy AmaElite, they pay enough and has national TV. Great chance of top female fighters get exposure :D

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the WAR between 2 female fighters

Posted by koolpaw on June 17, 2008

Did u check the right sidebar of this blog ?

OMG super non-stop fight for 3 rounds !!!

Clash in the Cage 27 – Sarah Schneider vs Tonya Evinger


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Olympic Games 2008

Posted by koolpaw on June 16, 2008

with close fight against JACARE, Mayhem didnt have a luck… :(
IT WAS CLOSE, SO CLOSE, but Mayhem coudnt fight his game .

“Syoga nai” Sometimes u win, sometimes u lose.

And his buddy Mo Lawal had final trial for the Olympics

Former Cowboys Tyrone Lewis and Mo Lawal fell short in their Olympic bids Sunday night.

Lawal defeated Andy Hrovat by decision in the first of their best-of-3 series at 84 kilograms but lost the next two by decisions

oh well, lets get positive, now time to become a professional fighter !
All the Money , fame and pride are waiting for u in the ring/ cage!


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no video?

Posted by koolpaw on June 16, 2008

so fortunatly i could watch 2 events on te weekend but… No videos od Adrenalin MMA around? No one bought PPV nor didnt record them? i know vividas is unrecodable real streaming… couldnt find out the way to save and watch files of the extension .viv…

Adrenalin will be super rare event. :o

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Posted by koolpaw on June 14, 2008

Vividas streams Adrenaline MMA debut

mmm? “vividas” ah that streaming video which has streamed WCO b4… Not bad one. smooth and clear vodeo but uses full screen.

 $12.95…. bimyo- na…


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MayheM is ready for JACARE

Posted by koolpaw on June 13, 2008

Japanese Sports news site “SpoNavi” reported Mayhem in Japan. He is totally ready for that tough grappler JACARE .

…. what??

Sponavi also reported about his new training partner “Plastic the wani”…. ahhhh….


HEEEHEEEEE !! Go MayheM Go !!

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Class B events on this weekend

Posted by koolpaw on June 12, 2008

Busy weekend though


Adrenaline MMA I
Chicago, Illinios
9:30 PM ET = 6/15 10:30 AM JST

Jason Guida vs. Mike Russow
Daiju Takase vs. Terry Martin
Zac George vs. Clay French
Tony Fryklund vs. Brian Gassaway
Jeff Cox vs. Bart Palaszewski
Tiawon Howard vs. Rory Markham
Mark Miller vs. TBA
Antoine Hayes vs. Kerry Schall
Rob Kimmons vs. Hector Urbina
Aaron Rosa vs. Ron Fields
Dom O’Grady vs. Mike Stumpf
Joe Jordan vs. Ryan Williams
Joe Pearson vs. John Hosman

EliteXC Return of the King
(10:00 PM ET= 6/15 11:00 AM JST)
Neil S. Blaisdell Center,
Honolulu, Hawaii

Karl James Noons vs. Yves Edwards
Nick Diaz
vs. Muhsin Corbbrey
Murilo Rua vs. Tony Bonello
Dave Herman vs. Ron Waterman
Rafael Feijao vs. Wayne Cole


Kala Kolohe VS. Bubba McDaniel*
Mark Oshiro vs. Chris Willems
Kaleo Kwan vs. Mike Aina
Chris Bernard vs. Lolohea Mahe
PJ Dean vs. Dean Lista

Russell Doane vs. Dwayne Haney
Carl Barton vs. Kepa Madeiros


DREAM 4:Middleweight Grand Prix 2008 Quarterfinals
Yokohama Arena, JAPAN
4:00 AM ET=5:00 PM JST

Middle Weight tournament 2nd Round




Light Weight tounament 2nd Round

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