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Team Modafferi has started

Posted by koolpaw on October 22, 2008

Dear Evan, u were right. We laughed at and worry about ur Team Tanner when we have heard about it at first. and thought’ “how come he doesnt get Sponsors? it wont work”. but now fightlinker and Jackals started smae thing reffering ur original idea with A LOT of respects  for u and ur Team Tanner.

Team Modafferi – Blue 

Team Modafferi — Sand

Roxanne Modafferi, everyone’s favorite female MMA warrior is taking a direct approach to sponsorship. Like Evan Tanner, our goal is to be able to support Roxy’s endeavor to become the #1 pound for pound female fighter by direct contributions from fans. Fightlinker Store invites you to support her by buying a “Team Modafferi” shirt. 100% of the profits go directly to Roxy, so buy as many as you can and offer them to friends, family, and someone you’re dating (nothing like supporting a good cause to get you laid, fella!)

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KenFlo is watching…

Posted by koolpaw on October 18, 2008

? What he is watching at?


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