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A Tragic Battle

Posted by koolpaw on April 5, 2009

A Tragic Battle by Kenichi Nagira

A Tragic Battle

by Kenichi Nagira(1973)

This legendary Folk song of 70s got
banned from all TV, Radio in Japan like
“Imagine” by John Lennon, “What’s
Going On” by Marvin Gaye got treated.


I had never ever seen such a tragic view before,
It happened at “Kokugikan”, the National Sumo Hall
almost 10 years ago from now.

“The Giant” Raiden and
“The Chef from the Hell” Waka Chichibu,

Fighting in the Ring of Honor “Dohyo”,
the action was back and forth, Toe to Toe,
complete even until “that moment”…
Sweat had driped from both foreheads, and
made the belts wet.

No one had any ideas this wet belt
would make “it” at this time. No one had
imagined the wet belt would be the
cause of scary and tragic battle…. yet.

You must know the Gravity is totally
something fearful, everything
that is floating drops on the Ground.

As an inevitable result, the belt of
Waka chichibu also…


However, You know it was aired on National
TV “NHK”, They tried to turn off the camera.
The only unfortunate thing was that
the camera man was a part-timer,
He had focused on “it” instead of turning off
the cam…

Make it worse, the announcer of the radio
was too highly skilled, He shouted to
the listners to turn on the TV
to watch what is going on themselves.
So everybody…

watched “it”.

However, You know it was at Kokugikan the
National Sport of Japan “Sumo” Hall,
They tried to turn off the light.
The only unfortunate thing was
that a part-time worker was
working on that day. He lighted up with
the spotlight instead of turning off
the light…

Thirty thousands fans of Sumo all
over Japan accidentaly found the
fact that:

“Huge guys have tiny  **** “

It`s a sad FACT, All Japanese had
leaned it at this time.

However, the Referee was that great
Shozaburo Kimura. He tried to cover
“it” with that some kind of fan
he always has in his hand. The only
unfortunate thing was, Shozaburo was
also upset during the accident. He Slapped
“it” hard instead of covering with

However there was a Young Sumo “Asashio”
who is very smart,talented and considerate.
He had showed up with a blanket immediately.
The only unfortunate thing was, He was
still young and not ready for sudden
accident like that at this time.

Asashio rushed to the ring straight. Rushed
too much and got tripped on the Dohyo ring,
then fell down Unfortunately.

You also must know that the Inertia is completly
something awful, Nothing could stop his
Big sumo body.

Panicked Asashio could think only one
thing at the moment.

Only one thing came to his mind.

Is there anything to support my body?
Is there anything to grasp ???

He gazed around to find something
to grasp momentary. Then he found…


Oh lord, I have never seen such a
tragic battle in my life…


We LOVE Sumo Wrestling !!

*Translation by paw, Fixed EngRish to English by Ckint

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Antonio Carvalho is going to fight on this Sunday

Posted by koolpaw on June 21, 2008

Antonio Carvalho , the Canadian Fighter `s Video interview on Sherdog. He is going to fight on this Sunday’s Cage Force 7 against Yuji Hoshino.

In this Interview, he is itroducing his tiny room( but typical room in Japan) with Tatami mat, small bed , small TV set, Small Laptop PC. Kinda funny it looks like a room of a college student lol.

And the gift from his friend another fighter Joachim Hansen

Wow Hansen is talented, he is not only a mixed martial artist, also a good cartoon artist! :o

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