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Urgent — Jessica Bednark needs our help

Posted by koolpaw on May 25, 2009

i dont want to spam but

A little bit more info from Yael Grauer ,
A Paypal account is set up now

One of a person who is on  friend list at facebook  “Sam Wilson” has posted this

Jessica Bednark needs our help
Written by Lilly c/o LOP

Jessica Bednark collapsed during training and was rushed to the emergancy room yesterday with a bleed to her brain. The doctors preformed emergancy surgery to remove the pressure on her brain. They had to remove a small area of her skull as well. Jessica remains in a medically induced coma right now. She is in ICU and can not have any visitors until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Jessica is a professional female fighter, with a record of 5-2-0 at 135lbs. She was scheduled to fight June 12th against AJ Jenkins and was training when this happened.

I was informed by her camp that she does NOT have medical insurance and depended on her job for her training and bills. We need to come together right now and help Jessica. Her family was extremely grateful that we have posted bulletins, but now as a fighter community, we need to extend a helping hand. Hit your sponsors as well…….

Derek Gould
15824 Neon St NW
Ramsey MN

Jessica you are a fighter with heart and courage, you will pull out of this. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers please

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Sunday, 24 May 2009
Last Updated ( Sunday, 24 May 2009 )

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Win a Date with the Queen of MMA

Posted by koolpaw on May 22, 2009

Original Thread is here


Hey guys!  Let’s kill 2 birds with one stone here:  “Win a date with Tara to UFC 101!”  We just need someone to put up 2 tix!  Kirik…?????

UFC 101 will be when… oh, its on Aug 8 . Still have enough time to find Sponsors… Watching UFC with the top female fighter must be fun. but the prize includes Air ticket from Japan to the States?

AIR TICKET ! we can use it for Roxy to let her kick Tara`s A$$ hard!!

WEEEEEEEEEEE im gonna win !!

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How much to get my name on your shorts?

Posted by koolpaw on May 19, 2009

kaitlinrosie –  How much to get my name on your shorts?

Sarah Kaufman –  Thanks guys! The underground rocks! Sorry Kaitlin…your name wasn’t spelled correctly! :)

The video I watched was poor quality…I didn’t realize you weren’t kidding until now! Well played! HAHAHAHA





1037 !!!!



Pics from : combatlifestyle

One More from

Sarah Kaufman vs. Miesha Tate
Get more pictures like this from SHERDOG.COM

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She smiled and waved to the cam

Posted by koolpaw on May 17, 2009

Sarah Kaufman  or  Miesha Tate, Who will get the ticket to the top league of female 135 class?

Tate01Miesha walks in to the cage

Sarah02Sarah comes… with big smile

Sarah03Waving to the cam in the cage?? ITS NOT PICNIK !!

Tate04See ! You  got in trouble !!

Sarah05wait… whose blood is that???

Sarah05-5She becomes a punching robot as usual

Tate06O M F G that blood was Meisha`s

Tate08but Meisha doesn`t quit !

Sarah09She smiles again

wavesand… WAVES

So, Non-Stop Punching Robot girl ” Sarah Kaufman” got it, BUT its a ONE-WAY ticket. She can NOt go back anymore.  Shayna is waiting, Not only the Queen of Spade,  She can not pass  Roxy and Amanda to the Top of the moutain where Tara LaRosa is sitting on.

Kaitlin Young the another striker of her Generation will try to stop her. Kailtlin Young who has KOed Tate less than a minute in 2007. Of course Meisha Tate will come back to Stop this unstoppable brizzard.

Strikeforce signed with Tonya Evinger? uh oh

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Posted by koolpaw on May 10, 2009

Seems they r too busy for their 14th year anniversary event on May 30th.

Original is at GFIGHT.TV

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Juggs VS. Japan

Posted by koolpaw on May 9, 2009

For English speakers who wants to visit Japan and train Martial Arts, i just found this site named “Juggs vs. Japan” via News blog infiniteMMA which introduce MMA scene in the Southern Hemisphere.

Still most of contents are under construction, but once they add info, it will be a agreat site for Non- Japanese. I rememebre that “Juggs” was the guy who made independent documentary movie about Japanese MMA scene? not sure. Im lazy, i will check my bookmarks later.

BoxingKangarooOUCH !!

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Hot Summer is comming to female 135 division

Posted by koolpaw on May 8, 2009

Undefeated Sarah Kaufamn is going to step in the cage against Miesha Tate, the winner of  US Grappling  (FILA) national trial 2008,  for the right to challenge the Queen of Spade Shayna Baszler.

This is good move of Strikeforce to makeup last mess.  Once bodogFight had built a very tough and serious league of  female division at 135 lbs.  Amanda, Shayna, Akano,  Julie Kedzie, Kelly Kobold  and Roxanne Modafferi. All those tough and skilled fighter were gunning at “the Queen” Tara LaRosa. Just b4 the moment of death of bodogFIGHT, New breed Kaitlin Young was added on the list. Another unknown veteran fighter Sarah Schnider`s name was also spreaded for  Fighting and winning over Young.

Talents and competition were already there, just they lost the place to show their skills.  Why dont major orgs use them for their events? Its often said that “female bout steals the event/show”.

Forget about Godzilla vs. KingKong, its not an athletic competistion. If you realy think of this sport, just focus on other talents who NEVER Cheat, Never Miss the weight. Now Roxanne Modafferi is ready to fight in that tough league as one of TOP 135ers and wants to fight to avenge Shayna badly.

But I think that Kaufman and Tate should be able to relax and take it easy for a while after putting on the exciting fight May 15th. I will gladly face Shayna for them. It’s really no problem at all.

In fact, Shayna chicken winged me in BODOG a few years ago.

I want revenge.

I believe I can win. I don’t want an easy fight…I want a war. Will you go to war with me in the cage, Shayna?

Its also a war between 2 Generations,  current top fighters and future queens like Kaufman, Young and Tate. You know what? There are so many tough competitors at ths Class.  Tonya Evenger,Takayo Hashi, Molly Helsel, Ginele Marquez, Liz Posener,  Jan Finny… the list is looong.

Now the time to re-build the female division.

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