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Strikeforce “Melendez vs. Thomson” this weekend

Posted by koolpaw on June 27, 2008

And finaly the dream fight is coming.

Location: San Jose, Calif.
Venue: HP Pavilion
Broadcast: HDNet 10:30 PM ET=  7/28 not oops 6/28 11:30 AM JST

Gilbert Melendez  (155) vs. Josh Thomson  (155)
Bobby Southworth  (204.5) vs. Anthony Ruiz  (203)
Elaina Maxwell  (146) vs. Miesha Tate (145)
Jeremiah Metcalf  (185) vs. Raymond Daniels (184)
Chris Cariaso  (135.5) vs. Anthony Figueroa  (134.5)
Billy Evangelista  (155) vs. Nam Phan  (154)
Brian Caraway  (140) vs. Alvan Cacdus (141.5)*
Cyrillo Padhillo (169) vs. Jesse Jones (169)
Travis Johnson (205) vs. Jorge Interiano (201)
Alexandre Trivino (156) vs. Eric Jacob  (156)
Jose Palacios  (155) vs. Bobby Stack (155)
Jesse Gillespie  (186) vs. Eric Lawson (185)

Riggs vs Stewart was pulled out from the fight card,,,  it sucks but he is still on the way of recovering from the surgery . Maybe some of medicen he was taking have become the isuue ? Riggs needs time anyways. he s still 25 years young, i dont want let him go out from this fight game. Take a rest and train again well Riggs ! its also sad we cant watch Luke Stewart… but shoga-nai. :(

Maxwell vs. Tate is at 145lbs feather weight of Unified rules… mmmm is it fair? Tate is tall like 5`8″” or so i remember, but she usually fights at 135 doesnt she?

BTW, Strikeforce on NBC was ended?


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