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Marloes Coenen in U.S.A.

Posted by koolpaw on November 5, 2009

Marloes Coenen has been famous in Japan  for almost 10 years, although she is still 28 years old ! A cute teenager has become a scary but beautiful lady. Now she is going to fight at Strikeforce`s big event.

Took this  from UG

“Yeah, I’m really happy because in that fight I made her tap and she congratulated me in the cage but then all of sudden we had to continue fighting because the referee said it was just after the bell went. So it was a little bit controversial decision. So I’m happy I can settle the score now.”



Roxy wrote today:

I went to the open workout…I was not happy thinking that Marloes would get to see me work out…but she never came.  Why not?  I want her to get publicity, too!  Nobody knows about her! : (

63Damn, she must not want to show her work out as well, Marloes is already in “fighting” mode !

Concentrate, FOCUS !! You are the person who knows how Marloes Coenen is tough and skilfull, ROXY !

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