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The Goat vs. The Handler — Sept 23

Posted by koolpaw on August 19, 2009

Dan “The Handler” Hornbuckle is going to challenge Nick “The Goat” Thompson to get the right of the future vacant welter weight Belt of WVR !

It`s a match-up that bodogFIGHT couldn`t make happen. Hornbuckle was stillyoung and a bit sloppy at the end of 2007. But now he is ready for the former bodogFIGHT Champ.


wait, howcome its not the title match? The winner of this fight could be called the champ of WVR.

Never mind about Nick`s cancelation of Breakthrough in KC. Mo has to earn his name and fans himself in the USA anyways. And HE CAN. Nick The Goat Thompson is now focusing on the fighting Dan the Handler Hornbuckle !!


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