How the koolpaw villa was Tempered

Or How to find a tornado kitten


Posted by koolpaw on January 30, 2009

its damn cold winter season here , i mean Not good season to find fresh fruits  in shops except Japanese Oranges(Mikan).


WAR GSP… oh?

what the hell is this?? ah, Chocolate banana candy…


but they said “banana”, NOT candy. ok another one here.

huh??? its “Banana late” milk drink with banana flavor !

No, Banana is not like that, kinda this shape and… oh u have it?

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? WHAT? “look at it closer”?


banana cake …? oh well

warWAR !!

The book at left botom of the pic is ” Judo: An introduction to choke hold”  by Komuro sensei with Legendary Judo Master Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki, go to amazon jp via Komuro senseis blog and order it NOW

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