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Grappling World Championships 2008

Posted by koolpaw on December 24, 2008



She is not a beautiful rhythmic gymnist nor an instructor of Aerobic dance.  Lisa Ward won a double title: NO-Gi division and Gi division in  the  FILA Grappling World Championships 2008.  And Pro MMA fighter who is the champ of FFF.

U.S. wins No-Gi team title at Grappling World Championships
U.S. edges France for Gi team title at Grappling Worlds in Switzerland

Molly won Silver. Tate also won Silver.

in other results, i found a familiar name at 92kg divison.  Ian Murphy who fought Jacare in Japan won Silver in No-Gi, Gold in Gi.

In the finals, he defeated a talented competitor with a strong background in Gi jiu jitsu, Pierre Pilat of France, 2-1. It was the first time that Murphy had competed in a Gi Grappling competition.

First time??  Thats impressive winning. Congrats  !!

The former Champ of bodogFIGHT 135lbs, Tara LaRosa… won Silver in Gi division. Gi? Silver? . uh oh, time for the eggs of fish party?

Which she wants to try?



oh Tarako?

Seems Hot peppered Tarako=Mentaiko is the best?


yumm yumm fish eggs



daaamn Roxy alrady went back to the states for holidays. Anyways, Even The Queen of MMA, Tara cant  always win.  Those are different sports .

The Double crown Lisa Ward is the one of the most toughest ladies at 48kg/105.5 lbs in the world without doubt.




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