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Hiram Bullock has passed away

Posted by koolpaw on July 29, 2008

The world famous studio / live musician Hiram Bullock died. Only 52 yo or so, too young to be missed…
His name was know at first in late `70 th as the guitarist of that Billy Joel`s Mega hit song “the Stranger”. he was just 22 yo or so at that time. In `80th he got more popular for the appearance on TV show “Night Live”(Musical director was David Sanborn. house band was Sanborn,Hiram Bassist: Marcus Miller, drums: Omar Hakim !!!!) and played in that legendary progressive Bigband Jazz group “Gil Evans Monday night Orchestra”.  His funky and groovy soundd always made ppl fun.

Hiram Bullock “Funky Broadway” 1986

Hiram Bullock: Charismatic jazz-rock guitarist

R.I.P. we miss u…

oh wait.


More videos for Hiram Bullock
Go to his site
Or My Play list on youtube

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