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World Muay Thai is still in Chaos…

Posted by koolpaw on June 19, 2008

Advertiser Spotlight: Muay Thai Champions of Champions

The event is sanctioned by three major Muay Thai organizations; WBC-Muay Thai, IKKC and the IKF. The full fight card features nine title fights from across the three organizations

Major Organization? For sure, WBC is one of the real MAJOR org of BOXING but “WBC-MuayThai” is recentle revealed that its not sanctioned by P.A.T. = PROFESSIONAL BOXING ASSOCIATION OF THAILAND, the org which approves the fights in Rajadumnern and Lumpinee or WMC which are sanctioned or under Thailand goverment. its just a personal org of someone inside WBC who want to do some business with the name “MuayThai”.

This fact that “WBC-MuayThai” is kinda bogus became news around the trouble between another bogus org which call itself “Official Muay Thai comission in Japan”=JPMC. Seems its not known in UsA yet…

As like SUMO of Japan. MuayThai is not only a sport of Thailand. it cant be separated with the culture and history of them. MuayThai must be the most popular in Japan outside Thailand, but even here, a lot of businessmen have been trying to use the name only to make easy money for long time.

i hope ppl in Thailand wont get mad to see these abusing of their great sport…


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