How the koolpaw villa was Tempered

Or How to find a tornado kitten

virtual bets June Part1

Posted by koolpaw on June 9, 2008

Total chips: 11772

WVR – Sengoku 3

Hidehiko Yoshida vs Maurice Smith
Maurice Smith 632 chips – 632 chips

Kazuo Misaki vs Logan Clark
Kazuo Misaki 1543 chips + 1667 chips

Kazuyuki Fujita vs Travis Wiuff
Travis Wiuff 1235 chips + 3199 chips

Choi Mu Bae vs Marcio Cruz
Marcio Cruz 1929 chips + 2142 chips

Nick Thompson vs Michael Costa
Nick Thompson 790 chips + 854 chips

Kazuo Takahashi vs Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva 988 chips + 1384 chips

You placed 23549 chips on 35 bets.
You won 22 bets and earned 27221 chips.


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