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Torres welcomes rematch with Maeda

Posted by koolpaw on June 6, 2008

Miguel Torres welcomes WEC rematch with Yoshiro Maeda — MMA junkie

uh wow! but Tapia must be waiting for the title shot, And Maeda cant fight for 180 days lol. could u give Maeda time to prepare for u a bit? His game plan worked well this time, but i know u wont let him fight like the last fight.

Who can beat this Champ ?

edit and add:
Champ Torres`s profile pic of Myspace is now with Maeda of Post-fight! Both faces are messy after that ultra hard fight but they are smiling and look happy!

i n s a n e lmaoo

Yay! Champ Torres said OK to post that pic!! here u go , its the pic of 2 Samurai after the great war. Titled “Respect and Honor”. Click it to see the full size of this great pic!

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