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Shawn “Lil Bit” Tamarabuchi WON !!! %^&%#

Posted by koolpaw on June 3, 2008

The link to results were posted on fightergirls forum

Shawn “Lil Bit” Tamarabuchi (Japanese Name ,Kyoko) WON by Armbar !!!

MMA 56 kg
“Lethal” Leighann Banham (AUS) versus Shawn “Lil Bit” Tamarabuchi WON R2 Arm bar (US)

Banham gets a Mana boost from her team mates in the form of a Maori dance and chant.
Banham seems to have a significant reach advantage against “Lil Bit” Tamarabuchi but Tamarabuchi looks ready to roll.

Round 1
They feel each other out for the first few exchanges.
Banham lands hard leg kick
Tamarabuchi attempts a takedown, Banham evades.
Tamarabuchi gets a double leg take down and goes straight into mount.
Tamarabuchi seems to be attempting an Americana on Banham’s left arm but she is unable to sink it in. Banham defends well.
Banham briefly gets half guard but Tamarabuchi uses her BJJ to gain mount again.
Tamarabuchi misses an arm bar attempt and ends up on her back with Banham in her closed guard.
Banham punishes her with GNP.
Banham gets up and lets Tamarabuchi up; she obviously wants to keep the fight standing.
Banham has found a good range with her kicks and uses them well. Tamarabuchi also lands a good right leg kick.

Round 2
Banham lands a right leg kick.
Tamarabuchi gets a single leg trip take down and goes into half guard.
Tamarabuchi mounts and lands vicious rights.
Tamarabuchi transitions into an arm bar and Banham taps out at 1 min 45 sec of the Second Round.
This was a beautiful game plan and execution by “Lil Bit” Tamarabuchi, utilising her jujitsu skills to neutralise the reach advantage of Banham

KYOKO chan WON !!!!!!!!!!

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