How the koolpaw villa was Tempered

Or How to find a tornado kitten


Posted by koolpaw on June 1, 2008

Kaitlin lost at 2nd(3rd?) Round by ref stoppage !


but i dont blame Kaitlin young. just disapointed to see we will be fooled by those strange ppl for a while AGAIN !!!! :(

undercard was nice but i heard fishy thing about that fat bastard !

EXC President Gary Shaw is irate, screaming at the production crew to get the cage cleared and ready for the final fight of the untelivsed portion of the card. There is only 30-minutes left before they go live on CBS and there is one fight left on the undercard. Chris Liguori and Jim Bova are rushed to the cage.

oh dont ask me the details. i have no idea, what happened. Go and ask it on 5 oz :D

oh btw, Xtreme Couture will claim that the American Gladiator girl is their team again

its the secret that they havent writen about her on their blog for almost one year though.
MONEY and FAME always talk

u know what i mean


Seems full of booing for today`s event on the Net. Maybe it will be fair to talk about the best fight a bit.

AmaElite may stream replay for undercard which was not on TV . check out Wilson Reis vs. Justin Robbin. u will see beautiful submissions !!! so impressive transitions.

Edit 2:
So surprised to have read even a blogger who is considered as a “hardcore MMA fan” thinks like this about actual weight at fight and weight at weigh-in :o
To all those who though Gina Carano couldn’t do it. She did it and she did it in dominating fashion over Kaitlyn Young. Before you start the whole weight argument, you know that 3.5 lbs over (140 + 1) will not win a fight.

do they really think it was just 3-4 lbs difference at the fight?



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