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Dokonjyo Gaeru

Posted by koolpaw on May 23, 2008

  • Dokonjyo
  • Dokojyo Gaeru was a very popular and funny cartoon series when i was a kid. This song was used at the ending of every week. Called “Dokonjyo de Yansu“.

    After i grew up a bit and became a highschool kid, started to play music. That famous movie “Blues Brothers’ Has come. I went to watch it and found out, talking to myself like “WTF?? This Guitar is almost old Dokonjo Gaeru!?” listening to the guitaris of the band Steve Cropper.

    I have been telling that similarity to every musicians i have met, But None of them has agreed with me saying “oh hey i loved that cartoon of course, but dont remember the song at the ending”. HEYY its Dokonjyo Gaeru! how come u dont remember the song???

    Few days ago i finally found the song on the net, and listen to it again, and noticed i was wrong.

    Its not Steve Cropper! mixture of Ry cooder and Steve Cropper. C&W + R&B + Naniwa Bushi + Anime song !!!

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